How Spiritual Meditation Can Overcome Harsh World Realities

In 2009 psychologists were warning the world that the overall pace of everyday life was increasing rapidly by 10% since the 90’s, and in some countries by as much as 30%. The idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” has become as aged as a mom and pop store, because today, the race is against not just with others, but with ourselves.

It’s now common and expected to complain about being stressed; not having enough time; and having a day full of appointments and a long, long To-Do list. In fact, not having anything to keep your schedule tight will make you the odd person out.

Unfortunately, world realities tend to praise the one who can cope and look down on those who flounder. A recent article in Bloomberg wrote about how the world’s life pace is going to speed up even more with conveniences they termed as “creative destruction.” They used Uber as an example which is an on-call taxi service available in many countries that is threatening the yellow cab industry. New York Times report that taxi cab owners are now defaulting on loans and many cab companies experiencing a drastic reduction in their income – some by as much as 68%! The stress level is unimaginable, not just for the cab business owners, but the workers and their families. To handle this kind of stress every day, you need an outlet.

Yes, we all enjoy modern conveniences but at some point, we all have to know when it’s time to take a break, relax, and turn to a spiritual guide for rejuvenation.

At GODpillow, we offer an amazing answer: spiritual meditation.

Spiritual meditation is the answer to a fast-paced life because no one can continue to live in the fast lane without falling apart. The demands and responsibilities will overwhelm; you will feel anger, frustration, irritation, or loneliness – if not all these and more – without spiritual guidance. You will question why you do anything. What’s the bigger goal in life? Is it just money? Fame? Is it all about having the most number of social media friends? Even relationships will suffer without a higher purpose.

Spiritual meditation is another journey, but this time, it’s a journey to find spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness recognizes that you are a spiritual being and you can tap into this spiritual side to give you a fresh outlook on life. It will show you the meaning of your life. Questions like “Who am I,” “Is there something better for me,” or “What’s missing in my life” will be answered to a point where you will be better satisfied. You may not get all the answers you want but you will get to point where you will be relaxed, happy, and feel whole.

World realities can be stilled with spiritual meditation. You can put life on hold for 30 minutes and not let the demands of the world rule your life. After that 30 minutes, you will feel stronger, more empowered, and at peace.

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