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We are a small Boutique business that is growing with every order. All GODpillows are made with love and intention and are handcrafted.


GODpillow is a gentle reminder for meditation that allows one to find the silence that’s already present, ultimately making it a part of your daily life.

Some people have asked what is a GODpillow? Well the answer is simple, it is BOTH a prayer kneeler and a meditation bench. The reason why I have two different categories is simple, people identify differently to both of those intentions. To me, I am not attached to the posture of kneeling or sitting in meditation – what is important is the ability to be still. In order for me to be still, I must be comfortable, AND the reason to be still? To hear God speak….hence the GODpillow. Also note: Inspirations may differ in those Prayer categories, and those of Meditation Categories…check out both!

Now the Inspirational Pillow is a throw pillow with embroidered messages- which evolved for those who do not, or will not kneel in prayer or sit in meditation . For me the pillow is a mental door opener – it allows one to pause..in order to read it..who knows where that intention will lead…maybe a prayer or a moment of contemplation.

So browse around, get involved in prayer and meditations, and feel the transformation. Share your story we are anxious to hear the healing that happens.

GODpillow is a GOD-CENTERED and is not affiliated with any sect, denomination or organization.


Whether kneeling in prayer, or sitting in meditation, your GODpillow is a Spiritual Tool that…

Inspires daily devotion

Creates experience in prayer & meditation

Realigns the physical and the spiritual

Provides times of stillness

Allows your body comfort

Restores energy

Promotes inner peace and well being

Establishes a personal sacred space

GODpillow Embroidered Inspirations gentle reminds throughout your day that you are not ALONE… and is great for…

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers – By each bed, or upon completion of program, Recovery Anniversaries

Spiritual Retreat Centers – Portable for meditation circles

Yoga Circles – Use as yoga posturing aid

Churches – Altars/Prayer Groups – Baptistmal Baby Pillows

Hospital Bookstores/ Hospice – Get well gifts / Bereavement gifts

Bridal Stores / Catalogs – Wedding kneelers, Wedding pillows

Offices – Employee Appreciation Gifts or just because…

Sacred Spaces



My name is Clark C and I am an alcoholic and drug addict and when I got sober my boss gave me a GODpillow. I kneel on it every morning and every night. My connection to God has become stronger due to my GODpillow. I believe God looks at me getting on my knees as a “willing” action. Since I started praying on my GODpillow my life has done a 180. I have a great job, became a great Dad again, fallen in love with my high school sweetheart 8 months ago. I tried to take my life I thank God I failed!!! I love the GODpillow and I love that Cindy is a freind of mine and I wish her success.

Clark C. – TX
Clark C. - TX
I purchased a purple Manifest/Namaste pillow and a prayer/meditation bench today at the Valley Forge Mind Body Spirit Expo. I am sitting on the “Abundance” Bench now writing to you on my laptop and looking at my pillow. I love these items and I can’t wait for my fellow yoga Teacher friends to see them this week when they come to my house and practice.

Christa S. – Wilimngton, DE
Christa S. - Wilimngton, DE
Dear Cindy, Your GODpillow is really fantastic. It is perfect for meditation or prayer. I haven’t meditated i months due to minor back problems. Now, I sit straight and easily. Using the GODpillow to meditate allows me to sit for an hour without any discomfort. the colors and words of inspiration personalize my experience. I feel I meditate with more intention. Thank you, God bless you for creating a beautiful gift. Love Cynthia H. – Brooklyn, NY
Cynthia H. - Brooklyn, NY