Fighting Spiritual Warfare with Prayerful Meditation

A sword held up to the heavens

Do you feel that the horrors of terrorism, corruption, sensational crime has touched too close to home? Most people don’t understand how spiritual warfare connects to the horrible things happening in the world. Meditation on the Word will bring enlightenment to you because it is in dwelling on the Word that you come to realize that the problems here on this Earth are beatable with God.

There are men who are deceived because they are weak in the spirit. You can completely avoid being this vulnerable to temptation with meditation. The biggest mistake you will ever make in your life is thinking that you can handle it on your own – because you can’t.  If you read the New Testament, you will see that the devil has the world in its deathly grip and many men and women are captive.

Your principle weapon against spiritual warfare is prayer and meditation is one way to pray. Meditation is mental prayer said purposely to dwell on the Word of God to gain wisdom and comfort

 Meditation can Reveal Deceptions

  • A person who meditates on God’s Word can tell when he is being fed a lie. It becomes easier to turn your back on tempting enticements when you are aware of the pitfalls of falling for lies
  • It’s not about being gullible but being able to see through the evil schemes that people hatch including the idea that we need to accept that “truth is relative”
  • Spiritual warfare happens in your mind first before it is reflected in your actions and words and you will have to fight it on two levels: offensively and defensively

When you meditate on the Bible, you will learn that defensive spiritual warfare comes in the form of accusations, temptations, and deception. This means if you chose to meditate without being guided by the Word of God, you can be misled into thinking that you are worthless because of all the mistakes you’ve made. This is why some – many people – end up feeling depressed and in turmoil after meditating!

However, although the devil will be behind spiritual warfare, meditation is important because ultimately, you make the decision on whether or not to accept a dare or temptation. Your primary defense against making the wrong decision would be your knowledge of the Word of God, your faith, and your strength to say “no.”

Meditation can be your stand against evil. If you are a parent, it can be your source of strength and wisdom so you can protect your family. Your beliefs, morals, and principles are directly related to your ability to resist evil.   Christian meditation will help you become better at praying. It is during meditation that you can ask questions and talk to God about the problems you are facing. Moreover, it is the time when you can listen to Him without distraction and be guided.

To help you with your meditation, you can use these questions to guide you:

  1. What do I need help with in my life right now? (Choose a biblical passage)
  2. What is the passage saying to me? How does it apply to my life?
  3. Does this passage describe me in any way? How?
  4. What should I change to become a better person?
  5. How is God communicating with me through this passage?

Finally, Christian meditation is not only about thinking about the passage but finding ways to apply the message to our lives.


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