How to Choose Your Meditation Bench

One of the most desired results from meditation is relief from stress. However, there are some positions that can be uncomfortable and distracting. Instead of turning your back on this form of mental prayer, you can try a very practical solution: meditation benches. 

Meditation Benches are small chairs with or without cushions that give excellent back and leg support so you don’t finish your meditation session with a painful whimper.

You need to focus on four points when choosing a meditation bench.

  • First, it should be stable; no wobbling
  • Second, it should support your full weight
  • Third, it should be comfortable
  • Fourth, it should offer value-for-money

There are different shapes and levels of comfort. Unless you plan using the half-lotus position or similar poses often, opt for a thicker cushion. It’s more comfortable and easy on the back. After all, meditation requires that you keep your back straight so the tush comfort, which will assume a lot of your body weight, is something you cannot dismiss lightly.

Once you start reading on meditation benches, you will uncover the truth: there are dozens of options on every aspect of the bench from materials used to cushion type – and it can be confusing! Thus, here are a few suggestions and recommendations:

  • It’s a good idea to get a bench that you can easily transport around especially if you’re the type to experiment with different meditation environments from coast to mountain. The bench will make it easier to set up and pack up.
  • There are at least 5 different kinds of meditation cushions. The customized, mat, crescent, round, and round thick cushion. Your choice would depend on your preference although it is a good idea to select a cushion that speaks to you. Why are you meditating? Is it to ask God for abundance? To seek love? Or to find balance? Your choice would be extra special if the embroidered message such as what is available at GODpillow is part of the reason you meditate.

Tools to help you meditate, while not necessary, are a blessing because they can help you in your spiritual growth. You will be able to concentrate on Biblical principles and pray for deeper understanding because your knees and back won’t ache during and after meditation.

Making the right choices in the items you will use for your meditation will reinforce your spiritual journey because you will be more relaxed with less distractions. After all, meditation on God’s word is best done in quiet, comfortable surroundings where you are aware of your surroundings since this kind of meditation is not meant to put you in a trance.

Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to peace of mind and comfort. More importantly, it brings you closer to God and helps you to feel His presence, love, mercy, and forgiveness. With meditation, you will find the courage and energy to face life’s challenges with fire in your heart bolstered by the love you get when you meditate to God.


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