How to Begin Your Spiritual Journey

Do you feel like you are losing control of your life? Do you wake up worried or are you battling anxious thoughts about any or all aspects of your life? About 30% of all American adults from ages 18 to 54 suffer from an anxiety disorder. Many go about their lives thinking it is normal to worry, be depressed, experience panic, or have some form of social phobia. It’s not!

It’s time to be more proactive about your spiritual well-being. Praying and meditation will stop you from being so hard on yourself. A spiritual journey will help you understand a multitude of things including accountability, rest, reward, fears, responsibility, wisdom, joy, success, and the worthiness of life. The beauty of a spiritual journey is that as long as you are alive, you are on that journey. Imagine just how much knowledge and wisdom you can uncover, roadblocks you can demolish, and happiness you can find in this journey.

Here’s how you can start on this amazing journey in life:

  1. Choose an affirmation that appeals to you. You can even write your own. Think of the negative thought that bothers you the most and then look for (or write) an affirmation opposite to this negative thought. It’s best to select a short affirmation so it’s easier to recall. Make sure the affirmation does not have the words, “I want” or “I need.”
  2. Give yourself time to spend on reflection and meditation. This is a time when you are least likely to be disturbed like when you wake up in the morning, after settling in for the night, during your lunch break, or before sleeping. This is a time that cannot be rushed.
  3. Read books that will help you become spiritually stronger. Some people prefer talking to reading. If this describes you, look for a prayer group that you can join with individuals who can explain the spiritual journey to you and guide you. This group should not replace your reflection time. That is time dedicated solely between you and God.

Here are some mistakes you can make when you are on your spiritual journey:

  • Searching for a human master who has all the answers. This person does not exist and anyone who tells you or suggests to you that he has all the answers is misleading you. Instead, when meditating, listen to your heart. Does this sound corny? It probably does in this digital age but even psychologists and medical doctors will agree that your heart can communicate with you. When you are feeling anxious, try putting your hand over your heart and feel the beat. Just by doing this, you can start to calm down. As you get better with your prayer and meditation, you will learn to listen to your heart better.
  • Assuming that a spiritual journey is a process towards self-sufficiency and independence from life’s problems. For as long as you are alive, you will encounter problems in life. Your spiritual journey will help you deal with these problems in a more positive way.
  • Feeling superior because you are on this journey is another grave mistake. Instead of condemning those who are where you were before you started on this journey, feel empathy and concern. Maybe you can even take a step towards showing them a better way to live.

Finally, avoid making the spiritual journey your entire purpose in life. You need to find the balance so you can be a blessing to others.

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