3 Tips on How to Meditate and Get Closer to God

There are many ways you can get closer to God and feel His presence, such as singing songs, prayer, and quiet time for Christian meditation. There are also many different instruments and places that can help you feel the presence of God, like going to a church, praying, reading the Bible, and meditating.

As many who meditate to get closer to God will attest, this is an activity that can sometimes be very easy but almost impossible on other days. When you decide to meditate for the purpose of getting to know God better, you become a target. The enemies of God will do everything they can to distract and prevent you from praying and meditating on God’s Word. Here are 3 tips you can try to fight these obstacles and grow in love for the Lord.

#1 Use Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is geared towards specific beliefs. You can choose one from your church or pastor or ask your pastor to recommend a source you can safely use. There are audio tapes or apps that you can get that are Christian-centered. These avoid mantras but start and end with scripture readings from the Bible.

You can also choose the topics you want to meditate on, and the beauty of these recordings or apps is you can use them over and over again and each time, you will uncover a new revelations about loving God and His Word.

#2 Schedule a Retreat Every Quarter to Re-Energize your Meditation Process

A retreat is defined as a withdrawal, and you can schedule your withdrawal to seek mentoring or help with your Christian meditation as part of your walk with God. Your retreat can be a few hours consultation with your pastor or priest or a weekend away with a Christian group. The length of the retreat is not as important as the quality and whether it is on par with your needs and current level of spirituality.

Christian retreats usually encourage the “soaking in of the spirit” and waiting for God’s presence. If you have never felt God’s presence, it is truly a joy and very humbling. It will also help you graduate to a new level of wisdom and character.

#3 Be Part of a Meditation or Bible Group

Individuals who find a group they can see or talk to regularly usually get ideas and tips on prayer and meditation as well as advice and counsel on problems or daily trials. Granted, being part of a group can be political, but the good news is that you can keep searching for the near-to-perfect group you can trust and get along with. And, if you feel that you can lead a group, talk to your spiritual mentor and get counseling on how to do it. Some people are called by God to lead, and by leading, they learn and find their lives enriched by the experience.


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